The lawyers at Casha and Casha, LLC recognize that family law issues can be difficult to deal with.  Whether you are looking to protect your rights with a prenuptial agreement, or dealing with a divorce, it is important to have a qualified attorney helping you through the process.  Choosing the right lawyer to aggressively protect your interests is one of the single most important decisions you will ever make.

Our family law attorneys have been featured and are recognized as experts in their field, and will take the time to know and understand your unique circumstances.  They will help you navigate the difficult process of dealing with things like divorce, child support and alimony issues, custody, visitation, and domestic violence.  To our family law attorneys, these issues aren’t just a sideline of their practice - it’s how they earn their living.  Take advantage of their experience, and contact us today!


Free initial consultation. Due to the fact that each family law case has its own set of circumstances, fixing a set fee is impossible.  Our current hourly rate is $350 per hour.  A retainer will be established at the time of the initial consultation.

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Free half-hour consultation.

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